Lifeguard of the Week

Our team of Morris Memorial Pool Lifeguards consists of 28 motivated young adults dedicated to keeping Morris Memorial Pool clean and safe. Our lifeguards keep patrons safe by enforcing rules and regulations, keep the facility clean on their breaks, teach swim lessons and lead water aerobics. 

Lifeguards at Morris Memorial Pool undergo over 28 hours of American Red Cross training in water skills, CPR, First Aid and more prior to the season beginning. During the season our guards participate in mandatory conditioning and training sessions every week. If you are interested in becoming a lifeguard at Morris Memorial Pool, please visit our "Current Job Openings" page. 

Picture of Kirsten - Lifeguard of the Week

Kirsten Gonzalez


Kirsten is an amazing Swim Lessons Instructor and recently took on the responsibilities of being a Supervisor. She is always ready and willing to do what needs to be done to make the pool clean, friendly and run smoothly. She is a very diligent and focused lifeguard who is a big asset to the team. We are very proud of her progress as a first year lifeguard! 

Photo of Dakota Willis - Lifeguard of the Week

Dakota Willis


Whenever Dakota is around she gives off positive energy and brightens everyone’s day. To our patriots she's friendly and approachable and always has a smile on her face no matter what. She is in her first year as a lifeguard and is already a very effective lifeguard on stand and a great swim lessons teacher. 

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Makiah Grant


Makiah always gets the job done without question. She is always in a good mood and approachable by all of us lifeguards and the public. She is great with all ages and is an effective lifeguard on and off stand. Makiah is a first year lifeguard, but has shown true dedication to aquatics by volunteers for the Aquatics Management Academy and CTAA Lifeguard Competition.

Picture of Emma - Lifeguard of the Week

Emma Ledesma


Emma has worked hard to be the best lifeguard she can be. She's always looking for ways to help her fellow lifeguards and the patrons at Morris Pool, whether it's answering questions or getting them water. She uses her breaks effectively to make the pool a nicer place to be, and overall takes great pride in her work. 
Picture of Nathaniel - Lifeguard of the Week

Nathaniel Heilig


Nathaniel is always on top of everything at the pool, making sure that it's not only a safe environment for everyone, but clean and enjoyable as well. He works hard to motivate his team and everyone around him. This is his first year as a lifeguard and he's already standing out!
Picture of Vivienne - Lifeguard of the Week

Vivienne Linder


Vivienne has been taking on more and more responsibility with teaching swim lessons and taking time to create additional water aerobics lessons. She willingly helps whenever asked and is always engaged with those she's working with whether fellow lifeguards or the public. 
Picture of Justin - Lifeguard of the Week

Justin Mathis


Every day Justin arrives ready to work and help his fellow lifeguards. From cleaning, to preparing the facility to open, helping patrons and enforcing rules while remaining respectful, Justin is an exemplary lifeguard and is in his second year working at Morris Memorial Pool.