Department of Finance and Administration


The City of Elgin Finance, Purchasing, and Accounts Payable & Receivable Departments are located in City Hall. These departments handle all:
  • Purchases, bill payments, monitoring of contracts and financial management of grants
  • Preparation of financial statements, bond issuance and continuing disclosure documents
  • Preparation of the budget document and budgetary controls implementation
  • Computation and Promulgation of Ad Valorem Taxes
  • Preparation of payroll checks and reports

Hotel Tax Quarterly Report and Payment

Merchant & Farmers Bank 1924

Texas Community Development Block Grant Program – Civil Rights Notices

  • A1002 Section 3 Plan
  • A1005 Policy of nondiscrimination on basis of disability
  • A1005 Citizen participation and grievance procedures
  • A1005 Equal employment opportunity system
  • A1008 Designation of civil rights officer 
  • A1009 Fair housing public service announcement
  • A1013 Citizen participation plan