DIY Cascarones

Let's make family fun!

To make cascarones all you will need is: 

- An egg dying kit

- Hollowed out eggs

- Confetti

- Crepe paper

- Scissors

step 1
step 2
Read the instructions in the kit to learn the best way to dye your eggs your desired colors. 

Pull out cups, put in the dye and mix with water.
step 3
Step 4
Put your eggs in the dye to absorb the color. 
Step 5
Step 6
You may want gloves for this next part!

Take the eggs out of the dye and place them hole side down so that they drain. 

Once they are dry, turn them right side up so that the hole is at the top. 
Here comes the fun! 

Fill the eggs with confetti!
Step 7
Step 8
Tear pieces of crepe paper in to small squares. 

Coat them with your flour and water mix to create a glue. 
Step 9
step 10
Cover the hole of the eggs with a piece of crepe paper, wait for them to dry and then you're done! 

Have fun!
Step 11
Written By: Terrie Chavez  |  Photographs By: Terrie Chavez